Royston House Environmental Committment is to live in harmony with Nature

leaf  Eco Location

Bird boxes apple trees native plants

Ross and Nancy Munro were already committed to the philosophy of Living in Harmony with Nature when they found their new property in Royston-more than two acres of land that had never been built on. With the exception of a small orchard that once belonged to the home next door, the land was in a totally natural state and covered with more than 50 different kinds of native plants and trees... more

leaf  Living Green

Every aspect of day-to-day living at Royston House both inside and out has been honed to abide by the philosophy of "living green." From laundry, heating and lighting to the catchment of water, everything is carefully thought out to lessen the impact on nature... more

Fern Beds and Native Plants

leaf  Second Time Around

Composting has become instinctive around Royston House with food scraps and other "compostibles" transferred to recycle containers and then to a covered composter. After this has broken down (six months or so) the compost is transferred to a raised garden bed and buried deep so bugs, worms and bacteria can continue the composting process... more

Native sword fern salvaged homestead cedar fence

leaf  Do Fence Me In

Royston House has committed to recycling in the full sense of the word-not just taking plastics down to the recycle depot. When they were building their house, they met a couple of "hard working fellows" with a truckload of hand-split cedar rails they had salvaged off the ground of a decades-old woodlot. The Munros decided the recycled cedar was just what the doctor ordered for a homestead-style fence on two sides of the property and along both road frontages... more

leaf  Building Green

The pristine natural beauty of the Royston House property led us to protect its native habitat along with all the mature trees: oak, Douglas fir, hemlock, balsam, red alder, big leaf maple and wild cherry. Red osier shrubs that have grown into trees over 40+ years line both sides of the property. Fronting the ocean, there are mature stands of big leaf maple and Pacific ninebark plus some red cedar and wild cherry nearby. The Douglas fir and balsam are closer to the ocean. Our guiding principle has been to retain these trees in their natural habitat with no clearing for enhancing ocean views... more

Royston House in its Native Habitate